Create instant glamorous long hair in less than 5 minutes. The Clip-In Weft Set, made of 100% Memory®Hair, invisibly adds length, volume and color to your natural hair.  


Clip-In Weft Set Memory®Hair

Change your hairstyle from pith less and limp to blasting volume with this essential fashion accessory; the Clip-In Weft Set! Quickly and comfortably apply lustrous length, volume and color. Featuring the patented Soft Blend Edge, the Clip-In Weft Set glorifies your hair in just 5 minutes. You can now have the voluminous, long and flowing locks you’ve always dreamed of. The Clip-In Weft Set (45 cm) contains 5 strips of hair extensions which can be clipped in easily and result in a perfect natural and voluminous look. 


• 100% Memory®Hair (artificial hair)
• 5 different width strips (2x 7,5 cm, 1x 13 cm, 1x 20 cm, 1x 25 cm)
• Invisible integration due to the Soft Blend Edge 
• Easy to straighten and curl (max. 160°C/320ºF)
• Very suitable for daily use without damaging the natural hair
• Amazing Ombré Colors


The patented Memory®Hair is developed with every aspect of human hair. It feels soft, blends in easily with the natural hair. Read more about Memory®Hair. 


Use as many strips as you need, depending on the size of your head and the desired length or volume.

Backstage secret: Use the Professional Balmain Straightener (max. 160°C/320ºF) to create beautiful straight hair or flowing curls to give your hair that extra bit for a special occasion!


Content: Clip-In Weft set (5 pieces), Clothing Hanger, Clothing Bag, Balmain Hair Tail Comb, 2 extra Security Clips

Clip-In Weft Memory®Hair 45cm

  • Start by making a parting in the neck area and put your natural hair up. Clip the first strip (13 cm) in and cover it with a layer of your natural hair. Place the next strip (20 cm) approximately 2-3 cm above the first strip. Repeat this with the last long strip (25 cm). Use the two smallest strips to lengthen and volumize the sides and place them where you need the most volume. Finish with putting the top layer back and comb your hair over the strips, for a perfect invisible integration. 


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