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Do you want to keep your hair in perfect condition? The Balmain Paris Hair Couture Ceramic Brush is the key to healthy hair!


Large Round Brush 55mm 
The Ceramic Brush is suited with a ceramic coating that emits negative ions. Hair has a natural positive charge that repels hair strands from each other and thereby causing frizz or flyaway hair. The negative ions that the Balmain Hair Ceramic Brushes emit close off the hair cuticles and lock in moisture to the hair strands; this gives the hair a shiny and healthy look. The ceramic also heats up quickly, evenly and retains heat longer which ensures a better curl as the heat shapes the hair. Blasting with a cool air setting you get a perfectly formed curl that holds.


This ø 55mm round ceramic brush is suitable for long to medium long hair for creating a straight model or big curls. Also available in ø 35mm, suitable for short to medium hair lengths for creating more volume or curls.


• Emits negative ions
• Closes off the hair cuticle and lock in moisture to the hair strands 
• Large air vents  

Ceramic Round Brush 55mm

  • Perfect to use in combination with the Professional Infrared Blow Dryer.

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