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The Most Effective 4 Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Every individual dream of having long, thick, and healthy hair. Every man and woman wish to have their hair strong, silky, smooth, thick, and healthy alluring that shines bright. This is the kind of healthy hair every person dream to achieve.

To have the hair of your dreams in real life is possible. Here are some of the ways to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

1. Give your Hair A Trim

Get your hair trimmed regularly by professional stylist at Action Hair Salon. For Short hair preferably trim every 4 weeks. For medium to long hair it is preferably to trim between 6 to 10 weeks.

Hair trimming promotes hair growth. Unfortunately most people think otherwise, but it is very true. Regular trimmings is to remove damaged hair and split ends, thus promoting hair growth. Trimming hair ends make hair softer and more flexible, thereby preventing breakage.

2. Cleanse with Shampoo and Conditioner

Recommended: Balmain Volume Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampooing the hair is important to keep the hair and scalp clean. It is important to massage the scalp while you wash the hair. Used the right amount of shampoo depending on the hair length. To have moisturized hair with luster do not over apply too much shampoo. Cause it will make the hair dry. The frequency of washing hair varies from individual. It is recommended for most people to wash on alternate days.

To revitalize your strands with moisture, condition your hair with good conditioner while focusing on the ends and not on the roots of the hair.

3. Apply Hair Elixir

Recommended: Definite Elixir


Revitalizes, Nourishes and Protects your hair with the extraordinary properties of minerals from precious stones - Diamond, Opal, Turquoise & Mother of Pearl.

Feel the regenerative power of Definite Elixir.

The good colligation, where the richness of ARGAN and CAMELLIA extracts unite with the active mystic protein from The Precious Stones - Diamond, Turquoise, Pearl and Opal. This magic Mineral Extracts from the precious stones - Diamond, The Mother of Pearl, Turquoise and The Opal illuminates the hair immensely.

The protein properties of The Precious stones mineral extracts, bind with the protective and restructuring effect of Morocco Argan, and Camellia extracts, provide vitamins and anti-oxidant hair properties, thus giving a glow and incomparable elasticity to the hair.

Benefits of use and visible results of the Elixir:

Definite Elixir has a high percentage of components that treats, moisturize and repair hair in depth. The high content of proteins, fatty acids and vitamins, strengthen and regenerate the hair, while protecting the exterior of the hair fiber.

Mineral proteins and vegetable ingredients make the hair smooth without weighing it down. The hair gets a silky touch with a sublime shine and an incomparable lightness.

The mineral components of Definite Elixir gives the hair a healthy appearance, with a mirror effect, improves the quality of brittle hair, resulting in the hair restoring all its elasticity and splendour without frizziness. And with a slight sweet smell that makes the application more exquisite.

4. Handle Hair with Care

Recommended: Balmain Hair Luxury Spa Brush

Balmain Hair Luxury Spa Brush

Handling your hair with a lot of care. Utilize a Spa Brush to clean the hair, stimulates the scalp and increases the blood circulation to the hair roots. Regular brushing creates strength, suppleness, closes the cuticle and produces a healthy shine and beautiful tangle free hair.

Hair needs to be handled with a lot of care. Use a Spa Brush with wide bristles to comb the hair. Wet hair should be combed gently, and handle the strands with great care, as wet hair are very weak compared to dry hair. Handle the strands with great care to ensure you do not overstretch them, as it may caused breakage.

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