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4 Effective Ways to Protect Your Scalp

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Most people have encountered problems such as scalp oiling, scalp itching, and so on. This is the condition of scalp health, which is a major matter related to physical health and cannot be ignored. So, how to maintain the scalp, reduce oil, itching and even dandruff? There are 4 tips you can learn from Action.

1. Anti- Dandruff Conditioner Should Be Applied to The Scalp

Recommended : Nubea Solutia Collection

Nubea Solutia Collection

Hair conditioner without dandruff removing function has no effect on the scalp, so it is not necessary to apply it on scalp deliberately. However, dandruff-removing conditioners must be exposed to the scalp in order to play a dandruff-removing effect.

Solutia (Anti-dandruff Treatment)

This treatment is formulated to prevent both greasy & dry dandruff formation, calm itching, sooth the scalp and leave the hair soft and moisturized. It contains Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) (antifungal), Chamomile Eugenia (Chamomilla Inacutita) (calming) and Rosemary (Rosmarinum Officinalis) (toning) Essential Oils. The treatment consists of a purifying extract, a purifying emulsion, and an anti-dandruff treatment vial, daily lotion and shampoo for dry dandruff.

2. No nail scratching when shampooing

Nail scratching can cause scalp damage, which can lead to infection, make scalp problems worse, and may also cause hair loss due to pulling. In the use of dandruff shampoo, the correct way to shampoo is: first knead the rich shampoo foam on the palm, then massage the scalp moderately with finger belly, so as to achieve full cleaning and anti-dandruff effect.

3. Oil from the scalp is mostly a hormone disorder in the body.

Recommended : Nubea Équisebo Collection

Nubea Équisebo Collection

The amount of sebum produced by sebaceous glands is mainly determined by hereditary genes and varies with the level of androgen in vivo, which is manifested in the decrease of sebum output with the increase of age. In addition, good rest and eating habits also help to reduce greasy conditions.

Équisebo (Anti-Sebum Adjuvant Treatment)

The Équisebo formulas, based on rare Essential Oils of Eugenia Caryophyllus, Pinus Sylvestris and Salvia Officinalis, guarantee a normalising of secretions whilst maintaining the protective function of the hydrolipidic coating of the scalp.

4. The scalp is the second thinner skin in the whole body.

The thickness of scalp is only 1/50 of the sole skin, which is the second thinner skin in our whole body, next only to the skin around the eyes. Therefore, the scalp needs to be more careful to care than the skin around the face.

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