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We have move our online booking system to our Facebook page.

Step 1 : Click the Button bellow to Action Facebook Page.

Step 2 : Click Book Now button on our Facebook Page.

fb booking.jpg

Step 3 : After clicked the Book Now button, it will pops up a frame which shows the Appointment Request. Then type in your needs and the availability. Finish and Click the Send Request button on the Right Bottom Corner.

E.g. Hair Cut & 3 P.M Monday

fb booking 2.jpg

Step 4 : Once finished, it will appear a frame of appointment request send and pops up a chat box bellow the right corner.

Our Customer Service Crew will confirm with you is the appointment you made is available or not.

fb booking 3.jpg
fb booking 5.jpg

Step 5 : After the confirmation of our Customers Service Crew, we will send you a Confirmation in the chat box. And you can enjoy your day with Action Hair Salon.

fb booking 4.jpg

Moreover, customers can call +65 6732 1003 or +65 6738 9038 for offline booking. Thanks.

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